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Building Trust, Driving Growth: Lead Generation Strategies and Experience To Drive Your Success

The online marketing and advertising we provide, coupled with a strong lead-gen-focused website, always results in a steady flow of business leads for our customers. We have been tremendously successful at this since the beginning of the World Wide Web. We are currently bringing in $1,000,000 to $1,500,000 worth of leads for one of our nationwide franchise customers and have grown them from 35 to 55 franchises. We brought in so many leads for Rogers Communications, a Canadian telecom company, that they had to pause the lead spigot so their sales team could catch up. Another technology customer of ours had serious website and SEO problems, and we grew their sales eightfold.

We have been in business for 25+ years, have been chosen as a Top 10 SEO Company at, and selected as a top web designer at

Our president, Michael Cordova, is an Electrical Engineer, has designed hardware, software, and communication systems for the US Air Force at NORAD, and has written software in more than 50 languages. As a lead generation specialist, he is also the author of WORDPRESS WEBSITES For Business: How Anyone Can Maximize Website Performance And Results. Michael is the past CTO of, and the past CTO of Mercury Leads, a marketing agency.

We are well-prepared to handle all of the marketing, advertising, and technical problems that our customers' online campaigns present.

Choosing the Right Partner: Why Our Lead Generation Agency Stands Out

We have elevated many customers' websites from obscurity into top rankings for their most important keywords. Along with those rankings comes a lead flow that stabilizes the company and paves the way to steady growth. See this screenshot of the rankings we achieved for one of our customers on a search for their top keyword.

Top SEO Rankings to increase lead generation for an antique store

An example of the commanding Google rankings we have achieved for a customer website:

#1 rankings exploded lead generation for an attorney in Long Island, NY

Unlocking Business Success: How Our Lead Generation Strategies Have Transformed Companies

A couple of testimonials from our customers:

"I would highly recommend Michael Cordova as an expert in website search engine optimization, web design and web development. Michael is the best SEO / Internet marketing consultant I've ever met. His work to optimize the TransMagic website not only produced an 8-fold increase in lead generation, but it also stood the test of time. Recently Michael helped us to re-do our website and SEO to take advantage of more sophisticated techniques in his knowledge base."
Todd Reade, CEO
TransMagic, Inc.

"I've had the pleasure of working with Michael on redoing my website which he did an amazing job of guiding me through the process with recommendations that best fit my industry. I have been working with 21st Century on my SEO work for well over a year and the SEO results are that larger prospects are finding me via the web and creating bigger opportunities for my company. I highly recommend Michael and 21st Century for your website design and SEO activity if your goal is to have the best possible presence on the internet."
Gina Kaelin-Westcott, Sales Strategist/ Sales Trainer/ Business Development /Speaker /Author

Elevating Your Business with Tailored Lead Generation Services

Every lead generation campaign is different regarding the tactics we employ in our customer campaigns. We tailor our efforts toward the traffic and leads that are relevant to each customer individually. The WWW is constantly changing, and with the advent of AI, we use many tools to bring in a steady flow of leads for your company.

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